Hand Hammered

*RARE* Victorian Sterling Silver Multiple-Cigar Pocket Band Case  ~Hand-Hammered
Hand Hammered Copper Ashtray With 925 Sterling Silver Llamas Made in Peru
Vintage Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Hinged Cigarette Case Retro Classic
Hand Hammered Brass Large Ashtray India Signed with initials by Artist A13
Antique Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Cigarette Case William B. Kerr c:  1910
Gold & Silver Hand Hammered  Zippo LIGHTER Guatemala Mayan VENE Antique Rare Old
Vintage Hand-Hammered Aluminum Silent Butler Cig/Cigar Valet Everlast Metal
Vtg Hand Hammered/Embossed Flowers COPPER ASHTRAY Bowl w Covered Top - India?
Hand Hammered Copper Ash tray
Unique Hand Hammered 122g Sterling Silver Whirling Logs Ashtray Swastika 1930's
Guildcraft Hand Hammered Copper Ashtray
Antique Hand Hammered Tobacco Humidor Brass w Sailing Ship - fully tin lined
Antique Signed Alpaca Mexican Trinket Snuff Vanity Box Container Hand Hammered?
Vintage Nordia  Ashtray Hand Hammered Brass Fish Dolphin Handle Made in Israel
Hand-hammered Silver Snuff or Pill Box
1920s Vintage Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Hinged Cigarette Case Retro Classic
Victorian Brass Copper & Tin Wall Mount Match Safe Holder Hand Hammered ORNATE
Vintage Hand Hammered Danish Pewter Humidor
Vintage Storm King Hand Hammered Cigarette Lighter
Antique Hand Hammered Sterling Silver William Henry Sparrow Match Holder Safe
R. Wallace & Sons Sterling Silver Hand Hammered Match Safe .125 Troy Oz
Hammer Special Decorated Hand Carved Block Meerschaum Pipe +CASE 3648 pipa NEW
Vintage Hand Hammered Brass Over Copper Butler Ashtray Pan W/Wood Handle
Pre-World War II Hand Hammered German Brass Ashtray with Match box Holder
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